Briged Sukarelawan Khidmat Negara

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With the number of alumni of PLKN & PLKN 2.0 more than 1 million people, the national service program have created BSKN for the alumni could stay involved in community activities even after completing the PLKN program.


We create information content (community programs) that are able to attract former participants of national service program to join BSKN. The content we created is not only able to attract the interest of participants but it is also able to increase the charisma of former PLKN program participants towards the community.


Future Participants, Parents & Public

  • Corporate information
  • Trainee experience
  • Alumni testimony
  • PLKN trainee lifestyle
  • Outdoor activities
  • Indoor activities
  • Corporate Information
  • Figure quote
  • Word of wisdom
  • Future trainer
  • Future employer
  • Parents
  • Facilities
  • Trainers