Kempen Tabung Pahlawan

Social Strategy and Content Campaign


Kempen Tabung Pahlawan was established in 1950. The campaign aims to collect donations from the legal corporations as well as private individuals. Although this campaign has been going on since 1950, its existence is still imperceptible in our community. As a result, donations and contributions from corporate sectors and private individuals are quite minimal.

kemoen tabung pahlawan


We have created a communication campaign to raise public awareness and further encourage the public and private sectors to contribute towards our military veterans.

Our strategies vary as we devise our plans to make sure that Kempen Tabung Pahlawan is better known and well received in public.

Additionally, we have also launched RM10 Campaign which we aim towards private individuals and we have also introduces CSR Programs for corporates whereas their brand would be advertised based on the amount of the donations they made.

Please Donate Now


Public, Corporate Sector & Ads Poster 

  • The story of a veteran’s sacrifice
  • Inspiring the soldiers
  • Inspiring upcoming soldier
  • Corporate Information
  • Where does the donations go to?
  • ROI (Corporate brands would be implemented in any Kempen Tabung Pahlawan’s videos)
  • Appreciation from Ministry of Defense
  • Youth
  • General Public
  • Corporate Sector