MFLS Kementerian Belia dan Sukan

Social Media


This MFLS program has the potential to be recognized, but unfortunately MFLS social media has constraints in terms of creative energy. Posts that existed before we collaborated did not have a high engagement between followers and netizens. Small number of followers makes it difficult for this program to be promoted and subsequently unknown to the Malaysian community..


We create an editorial segment that can boost charisma to this program. As a result, a higher engagement and reach can be obtained and in turn, provide a profitable ROI.

In addition to boosting the value of charisma into this program, we also provide news spread in the form of information to educate and give awareness to the target group.


Participants, Public Community & Ads Poster

  • Program benefits
  • Program entertainment
  • Participant experiences
  • Participant lifestyle
  • Corporate Information
  • Encouragement from the Director
  • Encouragement from the parents of participants
  • Future Coach
  • Future Employer
  • Parents
  • Facilities