Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia

Social Strategy and Content Campagin


Our main challenge is that SPR was not using any social media platform. SPR does not want to integrate any social media account because of the fear on being criticized by the netizens. Although SPR has been using conventional media promotions such as newspaper, radio broadcast and TV stations, they are still lacking voters during elections. After we started taking over and implemented a promotional campaign on social media, an increase could be seen where the percentage of voters increased from PRU13 even without using conventional media platforms. We also managed to promote MYSPR Semak application and got 1.4 million downloads in 5 days.

suruhanjaya pilihan raya malaysia


To disseminate important information about SPR to the public, we analyzed the market to pinpoint our target audience and our main focus (those who do not vote during election day).

We create editorial contents which suits the interests and spread news and information about SPR through these target audiences interests such as entertainment, political icons, games, sports, comedy, foods and tourism.

As a result, we managed to deliver our contents brilliantly and get encouraging results.


Public, Corporate Sector & Ads Poster 

  • The story of a veteran’s sacrifice
  • Inspiring the soldiers
  • Inspiring upcoming soldier
  • Corporate Information
  • Where does the donations go to?
  • ROI (Corporate brands would be implemented in any Kempen Tabung Pahlawan’s videos)
  • Appreciation from Ministry of Defense
  • Youth
  • General Public
  • Corporate Sector